Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So.....what's in the Banner?!


I LOVE SUGAR!!! Nerds, anything from the Wonders of Wonka, those guys at Reece's should pay ME, i used to eat so much of their crap!! BUT.....along with it came a butt, a gut, and not so fast legs!

I am doing my best, which could always be better, to go to the natural sugars.

This is a favorite i have gotten into the habit of grabbing when it is TV time, post dinner or mid-day craving!

Grab whatever berries are in season or on sale....
At least two kinds to mix it up
Sunflower seeds (not in the picture) or other nuts
Greek Yogurt!! This stuff is amazing. Lots of protein, it actually HAS those good bacterias we need, without the nasty sugars!! This one has Honey on the bottom!

Stir up and there you have it! Berries and Cream!

I may have to go for another round...

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